Maira Who?

Brown Girl (n.) – a girl from Indian descent who does not want an arranged marriage and wants to show her ankles much to her mother’s dismay.

Hey there! Welcome to my first post 😀
I never really know how to introduce myself. Instead of typing paragraphs of the person I am, I’m rather going to insert a question and answer format so we can skip all the unnecessary babble. Let’s do this.
                                                                       1)  What is your name?
Maira (pron16603140_10209825600088998_203184029014508272_nounced My-rah).
2)  How old are you?
20! (turning 21 in June).
3)  Where do you live?
Cape Town, South Africa (but I was born in Durban).
4)  What are your interests?
I love baking, watching series, shopping (guilty). I am an avid reader and enjoy the occasional glass of wine. I also love to go out and experience new things with friends and family.
5)  Any siblings?
Yes! An older sister who is my FAVOURITE person ever!
6)  Any interesting facts about you?
I spent the majority of my childhood living in Australia and Canada. I have a very strong Canadian accent to prove it – which tends to confuse a lot of people.
7)  Why did you start this blog?
I wanted to have a space where I could share my experiences and thoughts. I love trying new things be it fashion, makeup, food or adventures –  all of which I would like to document.

That’s the basics. See ya!
Love, Maira

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